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Free legal advice in Pakistan

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March 26, 2018
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Free legal advice in Pakistan

Free legal advice in Pakistan

Why free legal advice in Pakistan is needed?

Everyone is in need of free legal advice in Pakistan. The question is Why ?. In our legal system, litigants suffer a lot. They suffer in terms of financial, physical and mental terms. The first question is that how they suffer? The answer is simple. The litigants pay for the legal expenses related to the proceedings in the court.

They appear before the court where and when required. Irrespective of the age group or sex they belong to, they travel a long distance, they climb many stairs to reach the court situated on a multi-story building. They suffer in the burning hot summer days and freezing cold days of the winter.

They go through the same routine for months and even years. But, when some of them gets the results opposite to what they were expecting, they are totally devastated and left with nothing. Just because they did not get the expert opinion and best possible legal services for their case. That is the point where need of free legal advice in Pakistan is felt.


Legal needs of women in Pakistan.

In our society, it is very difficult for females to get legal advice. Why? Firstly, Because it is not easy for females to travel on their own without their male relatives.

Secondly, lack of knowledge about reputed and professional legal experts. Also, lack of trust is the reason that stops females of our society from getting advice regarding their problems. In Pakistan, there are hundreds of thousands of cases pending in the courts. In many of these, relatives of females took advantage of their ignorance. They grabbed their shares from inheritance or even transferred their properties due to their lack of knowledge. In short, there are so many problems which women in our society face. Because, it is not possible for them to get free legal advice in Pakistan. This happens due to non-availability of any platform providing free legal advice in Pakistan.

Online legal services in Pakistan.

These sufferings of the people were observed by some professional lawyers from Lahore. They felt that there is a need for a platform to facilitate the people in our society. They felt that it is more helpful for the females. Because, for them, it is almost not possible to find a good lawyer and get legal advice. For this purpose, a platform www.ewakeel.com was launched in February 2018.

The easy solution, ewakeel.com

At eWakeel, initially, three main services are provided to the clients online. Firstly, on ewakeel.com anyone can talk directly to a lawyer using Online Chat option and get advice. Secondly, visitors are able to get appointment for video consultation with one of our expert lawyers. They are able to discuss their problems using Skype with the our expert lawyers.  Thirdly, the visitors have the option to request for an appointment for telephonic consultation. Using these options visitors can get free legal advice in Pakistan. They have an option to get a face to face appointment in our office at Lahore. Lastly to get free legal advice in Pakistan, a visitor can send us an email at support@ewakeel.com. We try to reply your emails with appropriate answers in minimum possible time.  For any questions, queries or appointments, a form is also provided on the Contact Us page of the website.

Getting Free legal advice in Pakistan is easy and simple.

Now, after the launch of  www.ewakeel.com, the problems of the people in our society are somehow resolved. An opportunity to get free legal advice in Pakistan by experts is provided. This facility is helpful for people living in Pakistan or abroad. The effort needs to be appreciated so that more services are provided online for the people.

We thank you for your consistent support.

Please keep visiting www.ewakeel.com.

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