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Best Divorce lawyer in Lahore

Best family lawyer in Lahore
March 26, 2018
Getting power of attorney in Pakistan
January 12, 2019
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Best Divorce lawyer in Lahore

Best Divorce lawyer in Lahore


Finding the best divorce lawyer in Lahore.

Why there is a need of finding the best divorce lawyer in Lahore?. The answer is simple, as, after marriage, some couples spend a happy life all their remaining lives. They, fortunately, develop a good understanding and accommodate each other. Because in most of the cases, life after marriage is a compromise. Husband and wife need to be accommodating and rigidity in behavior cause problems and weakens the relationship.

On the other hand, the remaining couples fail in developing the required chemistry. They have different tastes, habits, likings, and dislikings. It is a fact that everyone tries to adopt the habits which the other partner likes. He or she tries to change his or her routine which is causing damage to the relationship. But, in our society, most of the burden is shifted to the wife being a female. She has to change all her habits and routines and adopt new routines as per the wishes of her husband and in-laws if she is living in a combined family system.

Why Divorce/Khula?

Most of the couples struggle most of their lives to adjust according to the other partner. But, when the things get worse and unbearable, the wife starts thinking about the solutions. She tries to resolve the problem by herself at first. When the things go the same way, she asks for help from her parents and relatives. In most of the cases, the misunderstanding between the spouse ends and the things settle down smoothly. In other cases, when the wife faces the same problems consistently, she unwillingly, opts for the worst option available to her. Divorce/Separation or Khula whatever you call it.

Procedure for Divorce/Khula.

The procedure varies according to the religion and sect. But, in Islam, for a husband, a simple procedure is provided. A husband may openly divorce his wife, preferably in presence of two witnesses. If he announces Talaq thrice, the relationship of husband and wife cease to exist at the same moment time. But, preferable way is to give the other partner time and there must be a reasonable delay between three Talaqs.

For the wife, even there is an option in Nikah Nama (Marriage Registration Form) regarding giving the wife a right to divorce her husband. But, mostly, no one grants this privilege to his wife on the day of his marriage. But, the law provides the way for a lady to get separation from her husband when it is unbearable for her.

The legal way for separation.

As per law, a woman may approach a court of law having competent jurisdiction to claim separation from her husband. The separation according to the Muslims is called Khula. There are many circumstances provided in law, and taking any point or reason the wife is able to get a decree/order of separation. The term is normally called Dissolution of marriage.

How to start? What to do?

To start with, a lady needs to find a professional lawyer with good history and experience. Finding a lawyer for a female is difficult. From this point the search for the best divorce lawyer in Lahore start. As there are no resources available on the internet to facilitate the people. But still, there are few platforms available which provide online legal services by legal experts. One of the forum available is eWakeel with a website having an address of www.ewakeel.com . From this website, anyone can get quick legal help and also get the services of one of the best divorce lawyer in Lahore.

Online solution for your needs.

The website www.ewakeel.com provide online services and has the best divorce lawyer in Lahore on its panel. Having an experienced female lawyer with more than 10 years of practice is an added advantage which most of the female clients looking for consultation desire for. Video consultation feature allows the clients to discuss their case while sitting at home using their phone or computer. Such platforms are really helping the people living in Pakistan as well as those living abroad in getting solutions to their problems and needs to be appreciated.

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Best Divorce Lawyer in Lahore
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