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Our aim is to serve and facilitate the people by providing them legal services online.

What is eWakeel ?
How it started ?

Living in this society in a fast paced life it is a difficult thing to quickly find solutions for your legal problems. When a person comes across a problem or a question which needs advice from a person from the legal background, we hesitate, why ? because its difficult to find a legal professional and getting an appointment and then visiting the office of the lawyer and for that he also have to pay. So in this situation everyone prefers to get a quick solution for his legal problems without wasting time and even without paying a fee for a quick answer. ewakeel.com was launched keeping in view all these difficulties to facilitate the people.

Keeping in view the hardships, we started the project eWakeel. eWakeel is a platform where we provide online solutions to your legal needs and problems. On this platform, anyone with a mobile phone or a computer with internet connection can come and gets most of his legal questions answered. On ewakeel.com you dont only get legal advice but also get legal information by watching our videos on various legal topics and questions answered in Urdu and English languages. So, now you get solutions for most of your legal needs while sitting at home. That is eWakeel and we are continuously working to bring more services and comfort for people in our society.

A solution of legal problems
faced by the females in our society.

In our society, it is very difficult for women to get legal knowledge and solution of all the legal issues they face in their daily life. They are not allowed to go on their own to find a lawyer and of course, it is considered unsafe for a woman or a young girl to go alone and visit a lawyer in the densely populated areas of the city. In this era, most of the educated people, especially youngsters are using mobiles phones and computers and are connected to the internet, We thought to provide everyone a solution for their legal needs and questions online in shape of a website where they can get legal advice from the experts staying at home. The concept was more helpful for the women and girls..

That was the point where a platform was required to help females of our society and it was the time when eWakeel was actually born. Now we are here in shape of a platform to facilitate the people and this is a beginning. Please stay with us and we will keep updating the services to facilitate you with time. Thank you for choosing us.

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