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Our Experts

Our Experts

Mr. Nadeem Ahmad Awaisi

Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan

Mr. Nadeem Ahmad Awaisi is an advocate of Supreme Court of Pakistan having vast experience of dealing with Civil, Family, Property and criminal cases. His extensive experience working in civil, as well as the criminal side of the law, make him one of the best lawyers in the field.
I appreciate the idea of helping people by providing them solutions to their legal problems online and that is one of the reasons I am proud of this team effort.

Mr. Syed Ali Awais Tirmizi

Advocate High Courts

Mr. Tirmizi is an expert of civil and property litigation. Besides that Mr. Tirmizi has provided his legal services as legal advisor to some Government and private departments and companies. Having vast experience in the civil side, Mr. Tirmizi is also an expert in legal drafting.
In Shape of eWakeel.com, people of our society are getting easy access to solutions for their legal problems. I am proud to be a part of the team eWakeel.

Ms. Iram Iqbal Khan

Advocate High Courts

With more than 10 years of experience, Ms. Khan is an expert in the fields of civil, family, and property litigation. Her main expertise is dealing with Child Custody, Divorce, Guardianship and family cases. Our female clients are able to discuss their issues easily with Ms. Khan to get the best solutions to their legal problems.
By this service our female clients are able to discuss their legal problems to get expert advice. Video and telephonic consultation options are really helpful and easy to use especially for the females in our society.

Mr. Shahzad Saleem

Advocate High Courts/Founder eWakeel

Mr. Saleem is the brain behind the concept of eWakeel. While working in the legal field, Mr. Saleem observed the sufferings of the litigants and especially of the female litigants in our society. Keeping in view the problems, Mr. Saleem decided to launch an online platform where people are easily able to get solutions to most of their legal problems. Mr. Saleem intends to expand the services more with the passage of time.
The tagline for eWakeel reads as "Law for Everyone". I am sure by using this platform people will get the solution of their problems online and we will try to add more services in future to help them. Because I believe that law is for everyone.