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Getting power of attorney in Pakistan

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March 31, 2018
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Getting power of attorney in Pakistan

Power of attorney in Pakistan

First of all, we are going to discuss what power of attorney is?  Power of attorney is actually a document. It is drafted by a person in favour of another. The person empowering the other one is called (Principal). The person being empowered is called (Attorney). By the document the principal empowers the attorney to do certain acts on his behalf.  It gives the Attorney the rights and powers to act on his behalf.

Types of Power of Attorney in Pakistan

In Pakistan normally Power of attorney is of two kinds.

  1. General power of attorney
  2. Special power of attorney

1. General Power of Attorney in Pakistan

To start with, lets talk about General power of attorney. It’s a document executed by the principal in favour of the Attorney. Main thing is that, this document the Attorney gets wide powers. Because, general power of attorney is drafted to give all the powers a person normally have. For example, buying a property or selling one owned by the principal. Therefore, this is more powerful piece of paper as compared to a special power of attorney. A General power of attorney shows complete trust on the principal.

2. Special Power of Attorney in Pakistan

Special power of attorney is drafted for special purposes. Mostly, where the principal requires another person to do certain special acts. Special power of attorney is limited in nature as compared to the general one. Actually, Its scope is limited in nature and the attorney has limited powers in this kind.

Why we need a power of attorney ?

In Pakistan, millions of people residing abroad temporarily or permanently.As a result, most of them have families in Pakistan. Because, they have their wives, children and other relatives living in Pakistan. Due to their family ties in Pakistan most of them also have properties here. In some cases, they have inherited or purchased these properties. But, it is difficult for them to travel back to Pakistan frequently. Therefore, they need other people to act on their behalf in certain ways. For this purpose they need a Power of attorney.

How to get power of attorney from Overseas Pakistanis?

Overseas Pakistanis empower their relatives or friends by this document. Reluctantly, they do certain acts and save their money and time. The procedure to prepare a Power of attorney is given below:

  1. Prepare a professional power of attorney.
  2. Send the Power of Attorney to the Principal living abroad.
  3. Visiting the nearest Pakistani Embassy in the country of his stay.
  4. Signing the document and get stamps affixed from embassy.
  5. Attestation of document by a Notary Public.
  6. Receiving the document in Pakistan.
  7. Signature of the attorney at the document and attestation.
  8. Visiting the Office of the Foreign Affairs and getting the document verified/attested.
  9. The document if is a General Power of Attorney requires to be registered after proper formalities and fixation of  revenue tickets as per law and paying the applicable taxes.

Which is the best place to get a Power of Attorney drafted ?

There are many firms and persons providing these services. The professionals at www.ewakeel.com provide professional services in this regard. It became easier to get the Power of Attorney drafted by experts online. You can just visit the website and communicate with a professional. As a result, you may get a power of attorney drafted in even a day. They also provide attestation services and guidance.

Is there any place offering Power of attorney attestation services in Lahore ?

The experts at www.ewakeel.com provide Power of Attorney attestation services in Lahore. All you need is to just visit the website and contact them. Its easy to contact by live chat, email or contact/question box provided at the website. The service is especially beneficial for the Overseas Pakistanis.

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